Editing or adding custom dialogs

System dialogs, where are they stored? Is there a library? A unique extension?
can they be edited and custom dialogs added?

Just imagine, an OS with the attitude and vocabulary of my old Navy boss
“Master Chief Hoffman” My old shipmates would stand in line to get it.

Don’t understand the relevance … or do you mean something like:
**aih me buckle dost thou means to have file.xxx walk de plank now? yeh/nay

most system messages are engrained into specific apps as defined by the programmer that wrote the app. In some cases the programmer has added localization to support display/response the alternate languages.


what system dialogs ? the boot ? t he desktop? KDE or Gnome or xfce or e17 ,… ? Or some of the responses that some of the terminal programs reply with ? You need to be specific .

Thanks for the replies, this is a pipe dream project, I wanted to give my technically challenged former CO a system that communicated with him in his terms, for example " Now I know what the $#@& this %$#&
machine wants." Kinda looses it’s impact in this context, not like being on the flight deck, but the old Chief
would let out a belly laugh and love it.

Looks like a project with a learning curve, best way to learn the nuts & bolts of the beast I suppose
I appreciate your input and thank you.