editing mpeg2 files:no audio

Hi. This is the scenario. I acquired a dv tape with Kino, and choose to export it as mpeg2 (dvd profile). If i author this file with mandvd, so no editing, the resulting dvd playis fine, with audio. But then i decided to cut some scenes with avidemux and again exporting the result using the built-in dvd profile. As final step mandvd produced the dvd, but this time no sound! i repeated the steps with different files, but same result. The problem seems to be related to the processing made by avidemux, since the first attempt was fine. Any idea, or something was wrong in my steps? Thank you

The problem IMHO is you selected the wrong avidemux output. Its easy to make a mistake.

I’m not at a linux pc right now so I can’t give you the correct setting. But play with it a bit.

Another app for very simple mpeg file editing is dvbcut:

The problem is that i used the dvd profile so both video and audio should be compliant to the standard. I’ll give dvbcut a try. Thank you for the interest