Edit postgresql service launch details

I’m trying to get Postgresql server to launch automatically on boot using the Yast services manager.
I can enable it, but it will not activate using the services manager.
If I launch it directly using the command line with “postgres -D ./path/to/server/data &”
then it works fine and the server is usable until shutdown.
The curve here I think is that I am using a non-standard location for data.
The -D option contains the location.
I’m assuming that the services manager just wants to launch it using the standard /var/lib/pgsql location
so I need to find out where the raw information on startup parameters for the postgresql service is located?

Only half an answer. Probably you could get what you want editing the systemd unit. Or better, copy it from it’s default place and putting the edited one in /etc/systemd/.

But where is the default place? Try /usr/lib/systemd/ or system/ inside it and search for a name that matches the product.

The unit uses the good old opensuse config file:



Used Yast to edit sysconfig entry and now works like a charm.
Thanks, guys.