Edit document from Document Management System

I am having trouble opening documents stored in a Document Management System, in this case LogicalDoc.

When I choose Edit with Office, Chromium tries to send the following URL to xdg-open:

It sends the following to xdg-open
Nothing happens. I want it to open it in LibreOffice. The document itself is a docx file.

Any ideas?

I hate solutions that tie them self to Microsoft Office. Though LogicalDoc also supports open i Google Docs, but that doesn’t help me either.

Can you please at least tell which version of openSUSE is involved?

If this is some sort of container or database that has the document(s). Not sure you can access it directly unless you can get the actual file structure definitions. Or if you have access to LogicalDoc export the documents.

Yep this is a general problem with propritary software once they have your data they don’t want to give it back

Without having used this before,
It’s not surprising that even the free version supports security (User account required)


On OpenSUSE 13.1
KDE 4.13.1

Although should always be included in the first post starting a thread,
In this case not relevant to the problem.

And, has little or nothing to do with MS technology (although might use MS technology to encrypt Office files). Although a pure MS solution likely would implement MS security, likely Acitve Directory Domain security, in the case something else (LogicalDoc) is implementing their own Authenticatior instead.

Bottom line, you need a LogicalDoc account with sufficient permissions to either edit the file or alter permissions.