Edit desktop Icon

How do I add/edit a desktop icon on kde4.6 ? I earlier versions, we could click on the gear wheel to change or add an icon. I have a few apps that do not show an icon (even though the icon is in kickoff menu - one is pingus)

If you remove the one from the desktop
Then unlock the widgets
Now drag one from the Kickoff menu to the desktop

What happens

That is exactly what I did - the one in the menu has a little penguin and the one on the desktop has a white rectangular sheet with the bottom right corner turned up. Most applications are OK - not this one - so I thought of adding it from an icon list - which in earlier versions could be changed by right clicking the gear in the tools menus for the icon.

What desktop activity are you using

There is no particular activity - I just use desktop 3 and put all the games on the screen. I have to make it simple for my grandson. There are 22 other apps that work OK

Give me a minute
I’m using gnome, but I’ll boot to kde and check

Unlocked desktop
Right click icon (dead centre)

See image


I cannot get the icons shell showing as you have it - even for an app where there is an icon that that exists. Your screen behind has an icon - mine has a gearwheel

This is the image that I get for the firefox icon on the bottom bar

Go to the top right cashew and click it
Create a New Activity > Plain desktop
The another
Desktop Folder

Check the differences

I’m back in Gnome again, sorry.