Edit applications in start menu

I feel like this is a really stupid question but how does one change the commands for the applications in the start menu? To edit the commands for items on the desktop you can go to properties but for items in the start menu… beats me!

Im working with version 10.3

Thanks in advance!

If you are using KDE(3.5 or 4) you will be able to do this by right clicking on the start menu icon, selecting edit menu, and in the menu-editor that starts you can select the application whose command you want to change on the left pane and edit the corresponding command on the right pane.
If using gnome make sure you have the alacarte packages installed, and hit Alt+F2 and enter alacarte and hit enter. You will get a similar application window where you can select the application on the left pane and edit the command, name etc. on the right.
Hope that helps.