Edimax ac-1200 wifi adapter used to work

I bought this usb adapter almost two years ago and it worked with some rtl8812au drivers I got from github. Somewhere along the way, an update broke this adapters functionality. Now, I sometimes have luck getting it to work with the same drivers by switching back and forth between NetworkManager and Wicked but a reboot knocks it off every time. The adapter is recognized and the led is blinking but I get into an endless loop of the NetworkManager setup tool asking me for the wifi password. I enter it and NM tries to connect for about a minute and then it asks me for my wifi password again. Rinse and repeat. Is the problem with the setup tool and NM?

When I use Wicked, the YaST setup tool shows that the wifi password is saved, but I’m still unable to connect. Any ideas?

To get a better idea on what is happening here I would examine the NetworkManger (or wicked output) while trying to connect. Open a terminal window and do

sudo journalctl -fu NetworkManager

*Swap ‘NetworkManager’ for ‘wicked’ if appropriate.

When you try to connect, examine/capture the output and report back here with it.