Edge browser errors

Hello all, its the first time trying Suse and I have encounter some issues.
Installing MS Edge web browser is one of them.
At first when trying to make the installation I was getting signature error from the Discover, and I use Yast with ignoring signature errors to complete installation.
Now when I try to sync the account I got another error “something went wrong 1001”.
Perhaps its becouse of the unorthodox way of installation? Is there a way to have this browser up and running?

Try Googling that error
Sorry I don’t have Edge

I have just installed edge - using the rpm from:


using Yast and it seems to work fine with ‘sync’ included - although I do use Tumberleweed rather than Leap 15.4.

It might be worth installing using the rpm.

Thank you for your answers !
Of course I did the “google search” first but there is no clean answer. The installation has been done with the original .rpm
So its working with Tumberleweed … seems another “format” is coming. My EFI is gone explode these days :expressionless:

I’ve fallen off my office stool –

Microsoft Edge is available on supported versions of Windows, Linux, macOS, iOS, and Android.

  • Have the Redmond folks been smoking something strange? rotfl!

Yes it does install on TW and it works! Not sure I’ll use it a lot though. Maybe they have been inhaling something though :sarcastic:


Or perhaps the old E³ tactic (embrace, extend, extinguish)?

M$ have hired Lennart Poettering: Systemd Creator Lands At Microsoft - Phoronix

Microsoft Careers currently shows 663 job postings mentioning Linux.

Personally, I suspect that, the Redmond folks want to influence the numbers gathered by the Browser statistics.

  • On my Samsung mobile telephone, Edge was factory installed and, it’s in the Samsung Play Store.
  • And, it’s also in the Android / Google Play Store.

Given the number of Mobile Telephones, the Browser statistics are probably showing a substantial increase in the usage of the Edge browser …