EDAC amd64_edac failure

The following error is from the dmesg.

4.631003] EDAC MC: Ver: 2.1.0 Oct 27 2009
4.633417] EDAC amd64_edac:  Ver: 3.2.0 Oct 27 2009
4.633555] EDAC amd64: This node reports that Memory ECC is currently disabled.
4.633558] EDAC amd64: bit 0x400000 in register F3x44 of the MISC_CONTROL device (0000:00:18.3) should be enabled
4.633560] EDAC amd64: WARNING: ECC is NOT currently enabled by the BIOS. Module will NOT be loaded.
4.633562]     Either Enable ECC in the BIOS, or use the 'ecc_enable_override' parameter.
4.633563]     Might be a BIOS bug, if BIOS says ECC is enabled
4.633563]     Use of the override can cause unknown side effects.
4.633575] amd64_edac: probe of 0000:00:18.2 failed with error -22

I’ve read this is caused by a fault in amd64_edac.c.

Anyone know of a work around for this failure?