ECS 945 motherboard - Realtek r8169

I have an ECS 945/1333 motherboard. I was having a problem with samba running 50 times slower than my other motherboard. After searching the samba forums, I found references to the fact that the r8169 driver needed to be updated. That solved the problem. How can I get the updated r8169 driver included in the distribution? Thanks

You can download Realtek RTL8169 driver from below address.:slight_smile:

Bryan Yu
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Momentarily you need to open an Enhancementrequest in Bugzilla.

When The Opensuse Buildservice 1.0 is released (should be in ~2 weeks) you can use the Buildservice to propose the inclusion, because then external Participation is possible.

Are these proprietary drivers? If so, then as proprietary drivers, I believe (my speculation is) they will NOT be included in any future openSUSE release, as that goes against the open source and free software philosophy that openSUSE is mostly implementing.

How are proprietary drivers handled by the build service? Presumably if built, that means the drivers would be available on a Server somewhere, but not part of the distribution?