ecryptfs-setup-private script fails

The script fails at the final stage with

Testing mount/write/umount/read…
mount: Operation not permitted
ERROR: Could not mount private ecryptfs directory

It looks like users don’t have the permissions to mount.ecryptfs : is there a simple way to permit this?

Rather old thread, but this is still an issue on openSUSE 11.4 (x86_64). Solution is written here:

If you want to have a Private folder mounted and decrypted on login the simplest solution is to use the ecryptfs-setup-private command. In order for this to work under openSUSE you must first execute the following command:

$ sudo chmod +s /sbin/mount.ecryptfs_private

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I recently switched do openSUSE 12.1 and I tried to setup an encrypted directory using ecryptfs-setup-private and failed miserably…

I did the above (set permissions), which let me mount the directory. But I’ve been getting a message that the ecryptfs kernel module is not loaded. A quick modprobe helped and I could mount ~/Private manually. But I want it to mount automatically on login.

I added ecryptfs to modules loaded on boot in /etc/sysconfig/kernel, no change. I read on the net that there is also a pam module needed so I looked into yast and installed pam_mount… still nothing and I still get the message that the kernel module is not loaded :-/. I read on a forum about Archlinux that pam needs some more config done in /etc/pam.d/kde (I use KDE), but this file doesn’t exist :-/.

I’ve been using Debian and later Kubuntu for the past 5 or more years and I’m really puzzled with this - can anyone help me?

Once during boot (when fsck dropped to the console to check the drives) I noticed a message: unable to load ecryptfs - unrecognized name or option in module, see dmesg (or sth similar, don’t remember now). I checked dmesg but no info about ecryptfs was to be found :-(.

Since this is bugging me, i opened a bug report: - you may probably want to vote for this.