Eclipse problem on OpenSuse 11.2


I am running Java unit tests on a remote Red Hat box from Eclipse, on OpenSuse 11.2 x86_64. I have Eclipse on a shared drive which both Red Hat and OpenSuse can access. When I run them on OpenSuse the tests hang. However, if I connect to a VNC session and run the same tests with the exact same instance of Eclipse (workspace everything), the tests run perfectly. I have identical Java versions on both OpenSuse and Red Hat.

Has anyone else had this problem? Suggestions welcome.


Is there anything in the Eclipse logs that could identify a problem?

I looked in .metadata/.log, I cleared it, and restarted eclipse, ran the tests again. Nothing written to the log. I don’t think Eclipse was ever tested on 11.2, so hard to know really. I looked in the Release Notes and it was tested on other versions of OpenSuse, not the latest though.

I am using eclipse under 11.2 without any problems.

If you look at the newest Fedora release you will see an quite an extensive focus on development via eclipse.

This intentional focus has me looking at that distro again, even though I left it for very good reasons.

I am a developer, which programs in 8 languages, but I currently have my own projects to get produced. I will go with whatever distro which directly facilitates my work, without my having to kludge or fix or workaround to get it to serve my needs.

I have the long outdated Eclipse ganymede installed via the repo, had to run it as root to get phpeclipse installed so I can run it as a normal user.

Problem is I need Eclipse Galileo, specifically running PDT, so I installed it into the ~/bin. It works, but why isn’t it in the repo? Galileo was released June 24. You would think if someone went to the trouble to package Eclipse, they would have at least done the newer one which is a vast improvement over the predecessor.

Don’t get me wrong. I happen to like openSuse and how very well thought out and extensive work on the user interface. Many things have actually been made more simple in openSuse, than any of the other distros I have used, or the four other operating system families I have had to administrate for almost two decades, but my millions of files and personal data sit on a server, while I make a final decision on which distro will actually allow me to get to work.

I do not know which version or type of install of Eclipse you are using, but you may want to see if your firewall is killing the connection or if AppArmor Reports is showing anything. It could also be the firewall on the Redhat server.

You say you are running it VNC, does than mean you are connecting via VNC and running it “locally” from the Redhat box?

I would start with the logs on the Redhat server and see if it is shutting you down, you may also have to check the SeLinux logs to see if it is catching you on that box.

As a side note, syampillai, are you working remotely with eclipse to a Redhat server and you have it working?

If so, please spread the wealth. If not, he has it working on 11.2 also. Just not the way he needs it to, which is the point of the thread.

Yes, it does work… just not in the context I am using it in. My last post was a bit vague. My problem is as follows:

I am running JUnit tests on a Red Hat remote server from Eclipse which is running on OpenSuse 11.2, and they hang. However, if I connect to the Red Hat server over VNC, start the same eclipse instance, and run the same tests they run perfectly. The only thing that it could be then is OpenSuse since everything else is identical, identical Eclipse, workspace etc…

Anyway, it’s a very specific case, and probably not relevant to this forum, but since there are all sorts people on here I thought it might be worth a shot…


Sorry, missed this post. Yes, I am running locally on the Red Hat box. I will check the various logs. Thanks.

No, I am not running remotely. I am running it on the local machine running openSUSE 11.2.