Eclipse package explorer being annoying

I think I messed up some setting somewhere as the package explorer is driving me nuts, typing in some letters to find a file works fine… at least for the finding part.
As soon as I press enter it folds in all the directories so I gotta start looking for the file all over.

Something similar when trying to select multiple files at once by holding down the shift button… select something, hold down shift, select something else… every folder folds up.

Think it’s been doing this ever since I created a new workspace, as my old one just crashes eclipse.

Might seem like a minor issue, but it’s oh so annoying when you’re trying to commit a whole bunch of files and you’re unable to select more then one most of the time.

KDE 4.2 / openSUSE 11.1 / Eclipse 3.4 / Java 1.7.0-icedtea (Other versions don’t allow me install plugins inside eclipse)

I never did interactions like this with Eclipse :slight_smile: But this problem exists here also - with CTRL.
Have you tried to change Eclipse style to 2.1 (Preferences > Appearance)?
Hope that helps.

Figured out the source of my problems more or less… I’m clicking the triangular shaped unfold button, and it doesn’t change focus to that directory.
Guess I’ve been double clicking directories in the past to unfold them or something.

2.1 view seems to have fixed the type to find thing though, so thanks :slight_smile: in combination with double clicking at least I wont feel like throwing my laptop against the wall every few minutes.
Another thing I like about the 2.1 style is that it takes up far less screenspace for the GUI, buttons and tabs seem to have less padding.

I agree, 2.1 is great you have more space to code. :slight_smile: I’m using it since I’ve discovered that exists.