Eclipse looks bad in opensuse 11.4

Is there a workaround to make eclipse look better in opensuse 11.4? It looked find in opensuse 11.3.

I’m using KDE, nVidia drivers, sun jvm, and downloaded the 64 bit version of eclipse off the eclipse website. If there is anything else you think might affect this, let me know.

Screen shot of eclipse

See the menus and toolbars don’t look like they’re drawn correctly.


Eclipse uses GTK, so it might be interesting which GTK Look-and-Feel you


To test I switched to some of the other ones. While they all look “better” they don’t look as good as oxygen. Is something wrong with the oxygen-gtk that comes with opensuse 11.4?

I switched my theme to oxygen-molecule for gtk+. I got oxygen-molecule from the package manager. This seemed to fix the issue. Thanks for the tip that gave me something to look into. Hopefully this reply helps any other people with the issue.

realcrypte, nvidia-settings, crossovergames all have the same issues with the oxygen-gtk that comes with suse 11.4: white background behind tekst or white rectange near the top of the forms. I tried adding the 32bit version but that made no diffrence. So thanks for the Oxygen-molecule idea, its better then current gtk.