Eclipse crashes on my OpenSuse 13.1

I just extracted which contains adt+eclipse in my home folder.After that I clicked on the eclipse icon to launch it and it runs well.I create the project and a class and within 5-6s it crashes.This happens everytime. Can you please help me sort out the problem.

(PS: Earlier i was using this in Linux Mint 15 32-bit and it was working fine)

Here are my system specs:

**OS Version : **Linux 3.11.6-4-desktop openSUSE 13.1 (Bottle) (i586)
****KDE Platform Version : 4.11.2

and I am using the default Open JDK.

Try to run it in a terminal window and see what error message you get when it crashes.

Most likely your issue is the known problem in combination with WebKit I think, so try to use mozilla instead by specifying the option:


You can add that to eclipse.ini if you don’t want to specify it each time.

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