Eclipse and pyDev interpreter problem


I have bee trying to set up the Eclipse pyDev plugin. I downloaded the Eclipse for C/C++, then added the new site for the plugin, and then download and install of it goes well. When I set up the interpreter Eclipse is closed, right away with no message.

I’m running a core 2 duo machine, with the x86-64 openSUSE version. Also got the java 6 update 11 from SUN.

Pleas someone help me.

Thanks in advance.

I’ll give you the horrible advice of trying out beta software…
For me it worked at least… Eclipse was very unstable with openJDK 1-6-0 so like you I replaced it with the Sun one… only got worse.

So I installed java-1_7_0-icedtea

This package provides an early preview of the next Sun Java Runtime Environment based on Sun’s release of early sources for OpenJDK 7.
sound beta’ish to me… but it works better then the stable stuff for me and if it doesn’t for you uninstalling is just a few clicks away.