Eclipse 3.5

I need Eclipse 3.5 to develop an application for Amazon EC2. I know I can install it form the Eclipse homepage but I wonder why the openSuse repos still contain Eclipse 3.4 …
Can I expect an update soon?

I looked a while ago but it didn’t look like the openSUSE repo was up to date or was going to be. In any case it wasn’t a big issue for me to install it from the Eclipse site. And you get updates from Eclipse anyway. So I was happy to make this exception.

I’m downloading eclipse sdk 3.6.1 now. It would be nice if it gets updated in the opensuse repository.

fs92 wrote:

> I’m downloading eclipse sdk 3.6.1 now. It would be nice if it gets
> updated in the opensuse repository.
I always download it directly, but if you wish to request that for opensuse
repositories you should add this request at openfate
The developers and packagers will most likely not read this help forum.

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openSUSE 11.3 64 bit | Intel Core2 Duo T9300@2.50GHz | KDE 4.5 | Quadro FX
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I don’t agree. Eclipse is a simple install. The openSuse upgrade policy appears to be that the version/relase of a product that is shipped with a version/release of openSuse is the product for the life of that openSUSE version/release. I believe that it is better to get your software from Eclipse. You will get fixes and changes faster from Eclipse than from the openSUSE repositories.

I keep on having to remove products installed from the standard openSUSE repositories and install them from factory or other locations such as packman and Eclipse. The version of Derby in the standard 11.3 repositories is very old and appears to be a version that has been withdrawn by the Derby project due to a bug that results in data corruption that also propagates into the backups and can result in the total loss of data.

OpenSUSE bundles applications e.g openOffice with Linux as a single entity. E.g. openSUSE 11.3 is openoffice 3.2.1. I personally believe that this is a mistake and that the products should be separated from the base operating system. The openSUSE oo 3.2.1 is broken and i need to either install the standard version from or an earlier openSUSE version. I doubt if I will see a fix for the problem in 11.3/3.2.1 and probably not in 11.4 either.

It is an easy install, if you know what you have to do.

They should regulary update all applications, because if you install some applications by yourself and some day they update their stuff, you have problems installing these applications (and because of Security issues etc.)

Or Eclipse should offer an own repository (like VLC), which you can add to yast2 and with which you can easy update.

What problems do you have got with oo? 3.2.1
OOO320m19 (Build:9505)

Is working fine for me.

Eclipse puts out their own updates and even statistics collection anyway, so I have no problem letting it exist outside the openSUSE umbrella. I usually install it in /opt/eclipse. I’ve installed 3.6 (Helios) under openSUSE and Ubuntu and the procedure was exactly the same in both cases. Then I added plugins. The SVN subversive plugin was a bit tricky though. Contrary to the instructions, connector autodiscovery doesn’t work correctly for Helios and you have to add the Polarion site to the Eclipse “repos”.

I must admit installing eclipse may not be that simple, you do have to know what to do with a .tar.gz file.

I don’t understand why you say that eclipse should provide its own repositories. It has it’s own inbuilt updating system and does not need anything else. Putting eclipse into the opensuse repositories just makes things more difficult and confusing. Unless the opensuse packagers change the opensuse distribution of eclipse to remove the install new software and update features (I am not sure that they do) then you will have 2 independent software management systems trying to control the eclipse installation.

There are various eclipse builds. Which one you use depends upon what you are trying to do with eclipse. I am currently running Helios with some additions. I also have another version with data studio. I do not see the value in the opensuse packaged version. does not play sound in pps or ppt presentations. See a recent thread in applications. This appears to be a generic go-oo problem and does not exist in the version. These presentations are widely used, I get sent maybe 10 per week. They used to play without problem until openSUSE 11.3 and The 3.2.1 works with JMF which I don’t much like. I shall have to try FMJ and see if that will work with the version. I will then have to remove the opensuse distributed version and install the version on my 11.3 system. There are enough problems in openoffice without additional problems being added via go-oo

As far as the additional go-oo features are concerned. I created an oo presentation (opensuse) with sound and that worked. I then used an additional feature to to export the presentation in 2007 format (this is not available in Openoffice would play the presentation but without sound even though the presentation was in the same directory as the original odp file on the same machine and under the same account. The microsoft windows powerpoint viewer 2010 just complained that there was a problem with the file and did not play anything

I think it would be more userfriendly, if you could update all your software with your package-manager.
A user like me (who didn’t know how to update Eclipse from standard 3.4 to 3.6.1) doesn’t need to search on the internet and test it out. He only needs to make some clicks in the package-manager.

Upgrading Eclipse versions, as opposed to applying patches, isn’t straightforward. It can break plugins. For example you are supposed to use different websites for GWT depending on which version of Eclipses you have installed. So if all you know is how to “make some clicks”, you should learn more before doing an upgrade.