echo "Hello OpenSUSE world!";

I thought I would introduce myself and say hello.

My name is Richard and I am English. I have been a long term user of Ubuntu among others, my laptops currently run Slackware and Fedora and my netbooks, Zenwalk and Debian - command line only!

I’m a geek who has been programming professionally for 25 years and am (what is called on a distro sl*t. I try loads of different distros and am completely fickle. I always seem to end up back with Ubuntu though.

Although it is early days; I am using OpenSUSE 11.3 so that should tell you how early, I think I may have found a distro I could stick with; now that I have mintMenu working. Well, if it lasts a month, it’s in with a chance!

I prefer Gnome to KDE and vim to emacs and curly braces should open on the same line of code. Enough material for a flame war I think :beat-up:

No flames from me. I hope you enjoy all the distros you try.

passing through is welcome too…
try to help all that you take from…

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CAVEAT: [posted via NNTP w/openSUSE 10.3]

As long as you’re using Linux it’s all good!

It’s actually openSUSE and not OpenSUSE… other then that… HELLO :o)

Hello Richard, welcome to a friendly club. There are no flame wars here against users running other distros. It is legitimate to use what suits you best. Just keep in mind that knowing a distribution very well is the key to make best use of it. And knowing/understanding openSUSE from the inside out may take some time.

Thanks everyone for the welcome.

The flame war comment was just my sense of humour. I chose the three things that start most of them; often someone bites which is OK as I am big enough and most definitely ugly enough to handle it :slight_smile:

It’s been 3+ days now and I’m still using openSUSE and liking it a lot. Having had a look around, it seems that KDE is the primary desktop of the distro which makes the attention to detail in the Gnome desktop even more remarkable.