eBookreader Adobe Digital Editions

Dear all,
I was checking my university library for a book and I found that the book I want to read is offered in digital version.
From the library web site they say that the following program is needed
eBookreader Adobe Digital Editions,
which is only available for Windows and Mac.

Do you know any program that can read ebook files (I think the extension is acsm).

Could you please help me with that?


I’ve never tried it myself, but Adobe Digital Editions is reported to work well in Wine.
WineHQ - Adobe Digital Editions

I’d be surprised if any native reader could handle Adobe’s DRM.

Adobe digital edition is freeware, light weighted ebook reading app which work on both Pc and Mac. It provides users a platform to easily downlaod and organize ebook. Apart of that it also supports EPUB and PDF’s .

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