Eay rollback to a previous package version?

Is there a clever command in zypper to specify a previous version of a package to replace the current one? I am running Tumbleweed to pick up changes that won’t work in my main Leap 15.3 distro (but I have to say it has proved very stable in the <~ six months I have been running it). I had firejail installed but wasn’t using it in Tumbleweed so when it was upgraded to the current version 0.9.68 I didn’t realize that it doesn’t work for me and I don’t know how long ago it was updated in Tumbleweed (In my Leap 15.3 I noticed it immediately and rolled back to the pre-update snapshot and have set YaST2 to not update the 0.9.64 version).

Is there an elegant way to get an earlier version of a package installed without trial-and-error system rollbacks?

Thanks for any suggestions.

No. You may try to download previous version from http://download.opensuse.org/history/ if still available.

You may also try tumbleweed-cli which locks repositories to specific snapshot, so you decide when you update. Not sure for how long these snapshots are kept though.

Thanks for those two speedy suggestions (and for confirming that there is no easy way to go back…). I take it that one would use the download…history site to get a complete installation (similar to a roll-back) rather than an individual package (I could “pinch” the previous package from my Leap 15.3 but it couldn’t be installed on my Tumbleweed)? Good to know about those two options if the worst came to the worst!

Where did I say that? I said that you can download previous version of your package as long as it is still available in one of previous snapshots.

Ah yes, I think I have found my way around there now… it looks like the version in Tumbleweed as far back as the beginning of the year is later than the one I am using in Leap 15.3 now (after roll-back) so I think I will leave my Tumbleweed alone. I had not realized how up-to-date the packages in Tumbleweed are. While I can run Leap 15.3 I am OK so I hope that gives me time to find a future-proof solution.
Thanks again.