Eaton(TM) UPS recognition persistingly failing on Tumbleweed and Leap 15

I think I’m all right when arguing Eaton is a well recommended British manufacturer of power supply units. The more this brand offers some software that will be periodically updated and thus seems to run rather more along with the state of systems’ development than seen even with renowned competitors. It’s called IPP - Intelligent Power Protector, current version is 1.53.150.
There are no problems with it on Debian and Ubuntu systems nor on RedHat and Fedora, and it works well on OpenSuSE Leap up to version 42.3, too. However, on Tumbleweed and the new Leap 15 though being installable and even showing it’s window it cannot detect the UPS device connected through a simple USB2 port. As I suppose the reason might be found anywhere inside the jungle of the newer systems’ security configuration. In fact, I’ve not been able to find a workaround by myself.
I hope that issue being a concern to get resolved for OpenSuSE’s developers as well as for the users …