"Easy update" for 11.1?

My husband has a question, for openSuse 11.1 how easy will it be to update to 11.2 without the need of command line or a new disk burn?
He doesnt like complicated, for him Ubuntu seems pretty good because it offers a GUI way of updating from one version of Ubuntu to the next.
Now I heard in one post somewhere that 11.2 will offer a GUI updater but nothing for 11.1.

AFAIK the updater you write of in 11.2 starts with 11.2 the present release 11.1 does not have it. At this juncture so close to 11.2 release IMHO it is unlikely to be in 11.1. So if your hubby wants try Opensuse with an Updater like Ubu’s intro him to 11.2.

Alright, just seems to be a bit harder to do for a user like him.