Easy: saving compiz options between sessions?

I’ve got OS11.1 humming nicely on my laptop. I’ve even built a few scripts to allow quick and easy switching of my Gnome desktop configs between standalone - docked - projector setups. But there’s one gotcha…

In setting up the scripts I found most advice floating on the net is to work entirely through the CLI to interact with compiz. That’s fine, but those tips had a tendency to break the opensuse config. I’m guessing that there was some conflict between the automagic management that suse puts over compiz and gnome and my tinkering at the CLI.

So my simple question is… how do I take these terribly helpful tips provided at the compiz troubleshooter and build them into my suse setup, without executing this from the CLI each session?

LIBGL_ALWAYS_INDIRECT=1 INTEL_BATCH=1 compiz --replace --indirect-rendering --sm-disable ccp &

Muchas gracias!