Easy question... I think?

I’m not really sure what it’s called, but when I put my mouse on an icon (ex. FireFox Icon), there are options that show up on the side… The options are something like delete (which is an “X”), make the icon larger in size, etc… I used these small options on the right side of my icon when I scrolled over it with my mouse… But somehow I must have switched them to the left side! I was wondering how to switch them back to the right side? Thanks, I know it’s kinda a dumb question…But ya!:cool:

Also, one other question… Somehow (again) I changed my settings so that when I click any icon ONCE (on my desktop, on a cd, etc) it automatically opens… How do I make it so that when I double-click an icon it opens, instead of single-clicking it?

Im not really sure what it is you are talking about in your first post (do you mean windows not icons?) but for the second (if you are using Gnome - you do not say):

Go to Control Centre > File Management Preferences > Behaviour tab and check “Double click to open items” in the Behaviour section.

for SuSE 10.3, and KDE 3.5.7:

  • press Alt+F2
  • type kcontrol and press enter
  • select Peripherals > Mouse > Icons
  • on that page, select “Double-click to open files and folders (select
    icons on first click)” [that is UNselect “Single-click to open files and