Easy DataBase creator and manager?

Hey there. I was hired to make some improvements in the software area of a small company, and the first thing I decided was to change the OS (they are currently using Windows) to OpenSuse. Well, after I explained the owner the benefits of open software and OpenSuse, he agreed to make the change. The thing is, that they are using currently using a custom database manager (developed by some guy), and I was wondering if there’s an easy-to-use database manager for OpenSuse. I’ve never used any database application per se, so I don’t know.

Thanks for the help!

From your description I’m guessing you mean a desktop database, something like what would be created with MS Access?
If so then I would suggest taking a look at OpenOffice Base as it has similar functionality.

Yes! That is! OpenOffice Base? I thought that could work, but I wanted to see if there were other tools out there.

Yes, there are other desktop database tools too. For example Kexi Kexi Project - “Microsoft Access for Linux” - Home, but IMO they are not as mature as OpenOffice Base.

There are many more database tools you can use in Linux, such as Postgresql, mysql, sqllite, Oracle 10XE, firebird etc etc. These are servers though, and require good knownledge of RDBMS principles and SQL.