Easter Egg from Developers on 31 of Dec. Thanx! :)

Today (dec. 31, 2009) i’ve launched opensuse 11.2 install and was pleasantly surprised by new year animated boot screen! Thanx developers! ;):stuck_out_tongue:


Eh… Is that different from the one we get for Christmas? There’re only 2 penguins :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s been in openSUSE for several years now, and is set randomly and possibly more often during the holiday season.

It can be disabled, or set to always run.

The christmas theme first appeared in 1999 and there were others too one for each month and holiday back at that time.

I heard somebody say that before(many themes for holidays). Why did they remove it? Is it because of multiculturality?

Not sure what happened to the monthly & holiday themes but as newer versions and distro’s came out I noticed the themes disappeared (US 4th july disappeared 2000 along with Labor day, and valentines) (2001 end of monthly themes) I’m sure there must be copies of these themes somewhere.

The themes were common to Mandrake 7 thru 9, Redhat 5.1 thru 9, and few others.