Easiest way to restore default 12.3 KDE envir without reinstall

Hi, I’m pretty much a new born babe when it comes to linux distros. Anyways, I installed 12.3 with the KDE environment and all was good. Then I noticed this tool called “Yast” and my mind exploded when I saw the available software free for the downloading. So I proceeded to download whatever looked interesting. So now I have lots of unwanted/needed software, some that doesn’t even work properly for whatever reason. I’d like to go back to the beginning so I could be more careful about what I install. When I began I didn’t even know there was a difference between GNOME and KDE, so I want software from just one or the other, depending on which base I choose rather than a mass of software from every pattern out there. So I figure I can do this by creating an install DVD and going through a fresh install. However, I made it through without messing up my MBR and Windows 7 installation once as it is so I am very wary of trying that out again for fear that I muck something up. Is there any way to go back to a standard KDE install? I don’t need to reinstall all of my driver/system files, everything runs fine. It’s basically just the packages are a little out of wack and I don’t know how to do it automatically(if a solution even exists)…

So it’s opensuse 12.3 with KDE4 base and a crazy amount of installed packages from random patterns, gnome, kde3, kde4… sooo dumb sometimes lol

Just remove the software packages that you don’t want. You can invoke history in “YaST” and remove the packages that you don’t want. Be cautious in removing packages because if you remove something like kdm or gdm you will loose “Graphical user interface” and be suck with command line :slight_smile:

There are so many, is there no “revert to default” button?

There are so many, is there no “revert to default” button?

No, there is none as such, however there are some tools available which ease this step with YaST Software Manager; look for them in the options menu.

 However, if you are new to Linux, and perhaps in any case, I would suggest you make a fresh install, it is more easy and could potentially save you time as well. None of those concerns you expressed for not wanting to re-install should make any problems in my experience, Windows will be detected and added to GRUB and you could re-use the partition table (Import partition table). And if the drivers work now they would work after a re-install as well, they are a part (mostly that is) of the Kernel itself and installed along with it.

There are also a couple of other desktop environments you might check out: Enlightenment, LXDE, Xfce m.m.
GNOME and KDE is the two most popular, I suppose, and the two most comprehensive in features, but also the most heavy on resources.

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>> There are so many, is there no “revert to default” button?

In your home folder is a folder called .kde4, either delete or rename
this folder (while NOT logged into KDE) and you will have the default
KDE setup the next time you log into KDE.

One way to do this is to log out of your desktop, use <ctrl><alt><F1> to
go to a terminal screen, login with your login name and then use:
mv .kde4 .kde4.org
Press <ctrl>d to logout of the terminal session and then <ctrl>F7 to get
back to the GUI login.