Easiest install of all openSuSe

Hi all
I installed openSuSe Leap 42.3 (clean install) today
and it was the easiest install of openSuse I’ve experienced, from setting the wifi at installation time
setting my printer and scanner and installing the latest .run nvidia graphic driver.
Congrats to the developers.

Even my simultaneous audio from HDMI and analog work as it should.


I guess that the developers (well, they are most probably not reading this :() would be glad if you called their product by its proper spelled name. Both spellings you use in your post (highlighted by me above) are wrong. It is spelled (as you can see on all the web-sites, including the forums): openSUSE.

Sorry please correct the spelling.I’m still recovering from retinal reattachment surgery on my eyes. Almost got blind.:slight_smile:

Ablatio retinae on both eyes? That is a big problem then. Wishing you all the best in recovering and getting back at least a good percentage of viewing.

I always spell it as ‘OpenSUSE’ because it’s a name and names begin with capital letters. I refuse to conform!!! Speaking of the installer, i’m glad you are having a pleasant experience with OpenSUSE. I also love the OpenSUSE installer. Write generic boot code to mbr used to be enabled by default and in the last two releases it has been disabled by default. Great change in my opinion. The expert partitioner is a little confusing too, and can probably have a bit more thought put into it’s design. Other than that, the installer is simple and pretty straight forward but then it offers a summery screen. A novice could just hit next, but someone that wants something more in-depth has a mass of configurations at their finger tips at the summery screen. I absolutely love that. It’s brilliant and i don’t know any other distro that does that.

It’s not a name, it’s a ‘Brand Name’ just like SUSE, YaST etc… :wink: Hmmm just like that beer… Castlemain xxxx or is that XXXX, or just four-ex :wink:

Also upgrading the openSUSE Leap 42.2 system on this Lenovo G505s laptop by means of " # zypper dup", worked like a dream.
Must admit that, I disabled all the non-default repositories before beginning the upgrade, and then reactivated them after the upgrade completed – I use the newest digiKam from the KDE:Extra repository.
The post-upgrade tasks indicated by “rcrpmconfigcheck” weren’t too onerous.
Had a small issue with the DVD repository – had to produce a Leap 42.3 DVD to resolve that.

Didn’t have to use the Oracle VirtualBox version in the Virtualization repository – the one in the main update repository is new enough: VirtualBox still runs Windows 10 just fine.

Hey, they’re Aussie beers, indeed one being a virtual state emblem for Qld. I’d not expected i’d stumble across familiar home-grown domestic cultural references in a global Linux forum… cool bananas !!

Malcolm’s been around the place a bit, including my part of the world, so I’d expect he’s very familiar with the local beverages! :wink:

May I recommend Tui beer from Mangatainoka in the Tararua district of “God’s own land” – New Zealand :wink:

Alternatively, you could sample one of the 350+ breweries in the “Franconian Switzerland” – northern Bavaria – even more precisely, just a little bit north of the openSUSE office in Nürnberg – Germany . . . >:)

Too many choices! I wish the beer was free as in Linux :stuck_out_tongue:

The same as “a free lunch” – I’ve only once had the pleasure of “free” beer but, that was because the club’s Commodore is a brewery owner . . . >:)

On 2017-08-10, knightron <knightron@no-mx.forums.microfocus.com> wrote:
> I always spell it as ‘OpenSUSE’ because it’s a name and names begin with
> capital letters. I refuse to conform!!!

Your solution is very sensible and the one adopted by OpenBLAS. And I agree having a lower case ‘o’ in openSUSE just
looks childish and grammatically illiterate especially at the beginning of a sentence. Obviously the marketting staff
who came up with the brand never went to school.

My solution these days is to drop the `openSUSE’ altogether and just to refer to Leap and Tumbleweed. This has the
additional advantage of referring to a specific version unambiguously with the added benefit of being distinguished from