Early Impressions of 11.2 GM Release

Well last year the 11.1 release, whilst promising wound up getting released with alot of very common bugs, and just before Christmas which meant noone was around to QA patches. Furthermore there was the “Hit” of the Phoronix benchmarks, where our “safety first” use of barriers and Intel driver issues was one reason for a disappointinug peformance.

Now, whilst the release is not perfect; I am actually finding better stability than the Windows 7 “Vista Killer”, which was in Beta a whole year ago. 11.2 looks like a worthy release like 6.1, 7.3, 8.1 & 8.2 were in their day.

Last year, there was NO WAY I was using 11.1, until it stabilised, whereas 11.2 … I think it’s going to stay on my desktop. It works and it’s pretty :wink:

What are you finding, and have you found the live ditribution upgrade non-broken enough to trust?

I installed RC2 and upgraded via repositories, and I have to say that it is slick and everything works on my laptop. It’s a keeper!:slight_smile:

I have one (and only one) complaint with 11.2 64-bit GM (compared to the last RC), and it’s a quibble - the OSS repo for 11.2 GM is broke (unexpected end of file error). The AMD 9.10 drivers compile without issues (as long as you have the required kernel sources), and performance is snappy and smooth with KDE (now the default in openSuSE 11.2)