each time I startup opensuse 11 it shows this bug message

ok guys,

each time I my opensuse 11 system statrs it shows me this message. I am not sure where to report this, so I am placing it here.
you can see it on my google album.

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or the text of the window is.
title of window: PackageKit Error
in window text: An internal system error has occurred
A problem that were not expecting has occurred.
Please report this bug with the error description.
More details window: openSUSE:11.0: Valid metadata not found at specified URL(s)

so the question is how to fix it?


It might be that one of your repos is causing this. Go into YaST|Software
Repositories and try to disable your repos. If that prevents the error you
just need to find out which one it is that’s the problem. Enable them back
one by one until you find the one causing the error.

Niclas Ekstedt, CNA/CNE/CNS/CLS
Systems Engineer/NSC Sysop
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I have experienced the same problem on a fresh install of v11 with Gnome. It appears that there are problems with gnome-packageIT in this release. The repositories are accessible when viewed in a web browser.

I have similar problem. I just installed OpenSuse-11.0- Each time I logged in, I saw this message:

“PackageKit Error
An internal system error has occurred. A problem that we were not expecting has occurred. Please report this bug with the error description.”

Then, the system froze. I have to bounce the power. Please help.


The problem doesn’t occur with KDE. However, the place to post the bug would be here:


PackageKit is the background update manager in GNOME.

The errors mentioned in the OP suggests there is a link in YaST > Software Repositories that does not seem to be valid.

The error may become evident by opening a terminal console and manually refreshing the repositories, in a terminal;
su - (and enter root pw)
zypper ref

Possibly you’ll get an error on one of the repositories being refreshed.

As for PackageKit, you can stop it from loading at login by going into GNOME’s Control Center, selecting SESSIONS and disabling the packagekit item startup.
To then get your updates use , YaST > Online Update. It does a fine job.

@li_chen, to exclude another issue being the problem, what filesystem did you choose? ext3, reiserfs? or other?