E24 crash at logout


I’m on tumbleweed 20201121 with enlightenment 0.24.2-2.2.
When I click on the exit enlightenment from the menu, it crash and after hitting F1 It comes back to the desktop but it never quit. I can’t quit from enlightenment anymore.

The only exit I have found is by going to a console and call systemclt isolate rescue.target to shut down the graphic environment and then exit to go back to default target.
This happens with enlightenment under Xorg and also under Wayland.

Anybody else having this type of problem ?


Not answering your question directly,
But on several of my systems, if I have no patience for a normal shutdown, I run the following in an elevated console

xystemctl poweroff

Generally I do that if I’m absolutely sure in my mind that there are no long running processes (eg database server supporting other apps) or file transfers in process (eg file server with shares mounted on clients).


Thanks for your answer. But I don’t want to poweroff, I just want to quit Enlightenment to go to KDE or something else.
Poweroff/Poweron is a lot of time to switch desktop. It’s a laptop with LUKS encrypted hard disk and LVM.

It doesn’t happen with Elive (Enlightenment E24 on debian), so it looks it is more of an issue with the OpenSUSE implementation of E24.

There seems not to have many Elightenment users here if I judge from the numbers of answers.
If you have any idea, please tell me.


Yes, since my personal machine has an m2 SSD, poweroff or reboot (systemctl reboot) take no time now.

Not knowing what caused your crash, i don’t know if you can simply run a “su -” to fix whatever problem you’re having

su -* user_account *

The above is supposed to switch your User Account to whatever you want and re-login as that User. I don’t know, but assume you can specify your current User account if you wish… Else, you can run it first to switch to some other account and then again back to your current account.


an image is worth thousand words

You’ll need ore info about what happened when your system crashed.
Try retrieving the last 100 system events of a crashed session…
The following should print the last 100 lines of the previous session (assuming you’re in a session immediately after a crash).
You can also increment the “-b -1” parameter to search previous systemlogs

journalctl -b -1 -n 100



You may get better results with Git:

Elive runs a customized E16 desktop. It’s completely different from Enlightenment 24 (based on the Enlightenment foundation libraries).

I have tried Elive on a USB key. It a very nice desktop. I have also installed E24 alongside Elive and it works fine too.
But this is based on a debian distro rather old (based on kernel 5.7 with 5.10 available from repo). I’m on tumbleweed and I have kernel 5.13.12 installed with all recent software.
I’d have to take another way of seeing things to use this on a regular base. But I have to agree that if you want something very stable and are able to wait for newer versions, then this distro is a real good choice. Enlightenment is a very nice & fast desktop that you can configure at you taste.

And about the install from git, I’m not sure right now if I want to compile everything every few weeks or so to make it stay up to date. I have been using Gentoo linux many years and stopped because it was so long and time consuming to compile all the new stuff every week. I would think about it if I had a very fast machine that can compile everything in a blink. But it’s not the case! I have an old laptop and compiling a kernel can take hours … Imagine compiling LibreOffice (it took this laptop about 2,5 days!). So I prefer to have more time to use linux and do more useful tasks.

Thank you for your reply,