Dyslexia and programs

Hi, I’ve just set up my stepdaughter with a laptop with Leap 15.2. She is dyslexic so I’ve installed OpenDyslexic font and adjusted LibreOffice so it always starts with a coloured background and that particular font. I was just wondering if there are other dyslexic OpenSUSE users out there and what they use to assist with their day to day lives and studies.

Thank you

A serously dyslexic friend I had found a thesaurus helpful because he could look up a word he knew how to spell from its sound and find synonyms for that word which he could not spell. However, for the most part, he simply increased the fond size and very patiently read everything, taking an hour to read something which might have taken me a minute or so.

I wonder if text to voice would be useful?
And, depending on the situation the reverse, voice recognition if there is a problem typing text (I’m imagining very long input could be an issue).

Depending on the situation maybe even braille.
The common idea is that if visual recognition is the handicap, using an alternate input/output.


Yeah, was looking into installing either Mycroft or Almond voice assistant. I’ve attempted to use Mycroft with little success, but then again I didn’t explore it beyond installing, Almond looks like it might be useful.