dynamode wl-gi-300b driver

Hi is there a driver in openSuse 11.1 for my Dynamode wl-gi-300b wi-fi network card?

did you try yast → network → network settings → the interface (if it is availible)

Yes I did. I think it sais “unsuported”. Unfortunately

try the madwifi driver, they are really good, but I don’t know if they support your card

OK, can you tell me where to get it? Can I find it on Google? And by the way I’m really new to linux and don’t know the command line, so will I be able to install it? Thanks for your help


take the one click install, open it with yast and install it

edit, but don’t delete the repository (checkbox) after installing

thanks for your help. Unfortunately, it still doesn’t work. If you have any other ideas I would more than great full for it.