Dynalink ADSL modem linux setup Suse

this thread is posted to hopefully be of some use to a newcomer trying to set up an ADSL modem on linux; we returned from holidays to find our internet connection down; I wondered if it was the modem; our ISP helpdesk advised to reset the modem; in fact it was the phone line; so: we had to re-enter details;

how to get an internet connection with a Dynalink RTA1335 ADSL modem; having turned on modem, and with Suse running, I opened firefox, and typed in into the address line where one normally entered http: etc; clear any http entry, and type and press enter; that opened a page that asked for username, and password for the ADSL modem;

I entered admin for both username and password, and it gave me a Dynalink page; I clicked on quickstart; and entered the username that my ISP had given me; in the appropriate space; and then the password; and pressed connect in the menu box; and we had a connection again;

I thought this might be of help to newcomers to linux;