DVI-D dual to VGA adaptor?

Hi List, Moderators! This isn’t really an opensuse question, but I would use this on opensuse 12.1 if it’s worth doing. Today i brought home a Sony SDMX82 monitor from a second hand store. The dual DVI-D connector I didn’t pay enough attention to in the store is apparently a decade ahead in technology of my Dell PC I/O. Most likely the Sony will go back, but I did see on google and adaptor physically similar to a null modem adaptor. Surely the necessary conversion is more than a passive gismo! I would expect I would need a compatible PCI or AVG graphics card. The video card I have now is an ATI Rage 128 with the 3-row D-sub output. Is it worth trying to adapt this Sony monitor to my old PC? What’s happening to the white space? Heboland

In general, if your computer has a DVI connector, it includes the VGA component and a simple adapter is all that is required to go VGA. As for a monitor with only DVI, there is no simple way to go from VGA on a laptop back up to DVI. You would need an upscaller which is likely to cost more than just buying a new monitor. Here is a link for such a device at $239 each in US Dollars.


My suggestion is to use the new monitor at home on your desktop computer, take it to work and use it on your PC there or sell it to buddy cheap and buy a new monitor that costs less than a VGA to DVI upscaller.

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Just to clarify further, although you mentioned DVI-D, if your use a passive VGA - DVI cable, then provided monitor is capable of DVI-A (analog) you should be okay.

Sony SDM-X82 specs


  • Interfaces
    2.0 x DVI-D - 15 pin HD D-Sub (HD-15),> 2.0 x Audio line-in - 24 pin digital DVI,
    1.0 x VGA - Mini-phone stereo 3.5 mm

This is what I found and its DVD-D according the the info I looked up on the subject but also says 1.0 x VGA, but you would assume the OP would notice a VGA connector if it was there?

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Okay, the reference I found

Sony SDM-X82 | Operating Instructions

does show 2x VGA as well as one DVI-D input,but maybe there are model variations too?

Lots of companies OEM their stuff and add/leave out what is requested. Without an exact model number or a picture, its hard to know why we have found three different versions of the same monitor model?

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Hey, a big thanks to all the responders! First let me add that the box I would want to adapt this monitor to is a Dell Dimension 4550 desktop with a sepaarte video card. I believe the video card is an AGP rather than than the AVG I mentioned in the original post. My video card has a 3-row male D-Sub analog output. From my own web searching, what I have is a Sony branded TFT LCD Color Computer Display. Looking into the clearance hole required for the base joints, I can see the MFG date is 2003. I can see the serial number and a couple of other numbers with Japanese character prefixes. This monitor has three cables: AC power; audio; and the video. The video cable is captive in the monitor. The other end has a DVI connector that has about 30 male pins in three rows. One side has a additional single, wide pin in the same plane as the middle row of pins. In an ideal world, I could buy one of these plastic adapters that would convert the analog video card output to the DVI pinout and levels the monitor would understand. What I decipher from the responses is that the monitor information I have given is ambiguous as to whether this monitor would understand that simple kind of adaption. If it’s worth more of your time, I could try to send a picture. As i remember the image sizes this site accepts are pretty tiny. One other data point that might be worth asking for might be: what brand of video card that would provide a compatible output for this monitor and be friendly to openSuse 12.1? My box has both AGP and PCI slots. Let’s see if you’re still with me after this reply! If you’re not, thanks for your time! heboland.

AGP or PCI are internal computer BUS connections. New add-in video cards use a PCIe interface. AGP cards are older but can have the proper DVI connector though due to their age they might not support a certain monitor resolution. Provide the exact AGP card model and brand and we can look up what it provides.

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Thanks for the response, James! Most likely it won’t be practical to put a new AGP card into this old box. I think it’s best to dispose of the monitor. The more practical investment is a newer box or at least a new MoBo. Such an upgrade is likely to come with a monitor. Heboland.

Of course you are very welcome. I would hope to provide much better help on any future question you might have. We are here to serve and want you have to a good PC setup that runs openSUSE just like you want. Do not hesitate to ask for further assistance and good luck in any future purchase that you might decide to make.

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What you need is a video converter that converts VGA to DVI-D. You can’t use cheap adapters as they don’t do analog to digital signal conversion. Your best bet would be to change the video card in your PC to Dual DVI as well.