DVDWriter/Optical drive

I am running openSUSE 11. Currently I have a DVD/CD-RW combo optical drive that works 100%. I would like to relplace that drive with a DVD-RW drive. Will openSUSE automatically detect the hardware changes for the optical drive? What is my chances of not having a working drive after the hardware changes?

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Yes and yes. Most cd/dvd drives are automatically detected.

Thank you whych, it worked 100%.

i have 2 different PIONEER drives plugged in. Both are CDRW/DVDRW and have had really good sucess with both of them. Only note is that BIOS does not support booting from sata so one is ide and I boot off that one. Burn to both just fine. Best bet is to check out the opensuse HCL Opensuse HCL DVD/CD Drives.