dvd's not recognized in 11.0

i’m running openSUSE 11.0 with kde 4.1.3 and it is the first time i have had an issue with dvd’s being recognized, mounted, etc… so i have no idea where to start on fixing it or even pinning down the source of the trouble. this doesn’t happen for movies or even already written burned dvd’s, only with blanks i have checked the file system but they aren’t there and as the daemon doesn’t see them as in existance i am at a loss. any help would be greatly appreciated;)

You don’t see blank dvd’s - check in k3b, is it seeing your blank media?

k3b doesn’t see it nor does my device manager nor is it visible anywhere in my file system.

So you can’t burn a dvd with k3b? But you can play movies. Very odd.
Check these:
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thanks for the links. i’ll check my system with em as soon as i get a couple minutes and report back;)