DVDDecrypter/Wine DMA Problem?

After finally getting DVDDecrypter to work through WinE, it is only reading at around 1.5kB/s. I have an NEC-3550a drive that I know is capable of a lot higher than that. I checked the DMA settings on the drive in a terminal with hdparm -i /dev/sr0, and it is set to it’s highest available setting (udma2). It works fine under OpenSUSE 11.1. I can burn DVDs and such. The problem, it seems, is only in DVDDecrypter. Anyone have any ideas?

Why bother with all this, when Linux has perfectly suitable alternatives?

When I moved from windows I wanted to keep using the programs I was familiar with to backup DVDs with wine. I even had some success, but in linux this is easier. K3b have copied all video DVDs I tried to date. For backing up DL DVDs try k9copy, it can shrink the streams do fit a single layer DVD.
There are also a bunch of other programs in packman’s repository, do a search.