DVD will not boot

On my 4-cpu Dell Precision 3420 running Leap 15.0, I changed the boot order to boot from the DVD first. I get the initial install/update screen. After I select update, I get a green bar at the bottom of the screen that eventually goes all the way across. If I hit Esc, I get “Loading basic drivers…” and there it sits.
How do I proceed?

Did you check the download?
IME USB keys are more reliable for installing.
Another question: did you need any additional configuration on Leap 15.0?
Some info: You could also, f.e.in YaST’s repo manager change the 15.0 in the repo URLs to 15.1, then run

zypper dup

I used a USB key, and it worked. But once the three bars all get to 100% on the screen, one should not have to wait 3 (USB) >15 (DVD) for something to happen.

Apparently there are a few (maybe older) PCs that lack some built in driver and use some low level BIOS protocol to load the kernel and a few basic drivers. After that Linux takes over and the install completes at normal speed.
Maybe yours needs such a basic driver for the DVD drive. I have a laptop that is quite happy booting from an USB 2.0 stick, but takes forever to load the kernel and basic drivers from an USB 3.0 stick.