DVD video question

I have a short mpg file that I would like to make a dvd of. What programme do I need to use to put this in the right format to burn to a dvd using k3b?

Many thanks

There are a number of DVD authoring applications available, (so expect a number of suggestions). I assume from your reference to k3b that you’re a KDE user, and as such you might like to try DVD Author and it’s KDE frontend kdvdauth


You don’t need to change formatting just burn it. Or maybe it is best to ask what format do you want it to be in.

I use DVD Styler, it makes an ISO image you can burn with K3B.

kmediafactory .

Many thanks for your answers to my question. I had already tried K3b with the video file but it complained that it was not in the right format (vob, bup etc).

I have installed dvdauthor and this worked and is very easy to use. My only problem is that the video is at 1920 x 1080 and the DVD is reduced to 750 x 576. Is the a DVD programme that can keep the higher resolution?

I’m not familiar with the PAL standard, but that sounds like the best resolution a DVD will provide. Here, we have NTSC, 720x480. “Standard definition”, I guess.

You could burn the file as a data disc but it is unlikely that your DVD player would support HD content - you would need to play it back on your computer.
If you have a bluray player you could burn a bluray disc and keep that resolution.
Otherwise for DVD max resolution for PAL is 720x576 or for NTSC 720x480

Thanks very much for the clarification.

Since PAL 720 x 576 is the DVD maximum I will stick with DVD styler (which I thought was a nice easy to use front end)