DVD ROM. Switching from SATA to PATA? 11.3

I am out of SATA headers on my motherboard. The only way I can free one up is by switching my SATA DVD ROM to a PATA.

How much trouble with this create with software that is linked to the DVD ROM? Will openSUSE 11.3 handle this gracefully or will I just be creating problems?

I really don’t see that such a change will create any problems with openSUSE. You might want to read my thread on Optical drive naming as there is a file that will still contain your old drive you can delete while making sure the new drive is being seen and that it is setup as /dev/dvd and /dev/cdrom.

Multimedia Optical Drive Naming (ie /dev/dvd & /dev/cdrom) Howto in opneSUSE

Thank You,

It shouldn’t be a problem