DVD-Rom doesn't work in openSuSE!

I started using opensuse with version 10.3 and have a (IDE) DVD writer from MSI and a cd-rom. I was unable to use it in 10.3 and 11.0 and now I have the same problem in 11.1
When I insert the installation dvd everything looks fine until I choose install. then the green GUI disappears(to be replaced by a DOS-like Menu) and I only get the option to perform a network install or reboot. I can though install with a cd from my cdrom drive. Also in my installed version of 11.0 my dvd drive doesn’t seem to exist(not in /dev/ or the hardware list or anywhere else)

Can Anybody help? I’m desperate!

PS: I looked through the forum:
It isn’t a permission problem nor an auto-mount problem, in openSuSE the dvd drive isn’t recognized at all, as if it doesn’t exists!

First things first, if You can boot with DVD so that means openSUSE can see that DVD :wink:
I don’t know every option to boot but there are some ide options You could consider ide=nodma

While installing press ESC, in options look for loaded modules. Check if there’s any cd rom module.

No if you can boot, it means that the BIOS can load the kernel and initrd off the DVD.

It does not mean the kernel has a driver that works with the DVD/CD in normal usage.

Then what , BIOS is loading the DVD :)??
I don’t think it has any drivers :slight_smile:

robopensuse is right.
The BIOS is used to boot from the DVD and the control is passed to the loaded OS (in this case opensuse) and then this OS doesn’t see the DVD drive. And that’s the whole problem.