Dvd rom does not display matroska dvd

opensuse 11.3 64 bit - Gnome - Laptop HP Pavilion dv7 - 4 gig ram
My problem is playing matroska file from dvd rom
I can play a mkv movie with vlc using the file manager to go to my windows drive and play the same mkv file. Any disk I load into the dvd rom acts as it should except for one with a mkv file. I insert the disk with the mkv file and nothing happens. I bring up vlc but it will not play it. I see it in the media folder but when I try to play it I am told to view the log. I do not know where the log is located. I googled to find the location of the vlc log but whenever that question is asked the responders annoyingly go off on tangents and never answer it.
it doesn’t seem to be a vlc problem. Using the file browser i see the disk name in the media folder. When i click on the title folder it does not show the mkv file. This is true with all mkv disks. All of the mkv disks play ok in windows. They play ok in opensuse if i copy them over from my windows hard drive to my suse harddrive.
I would really appreciate your help as I would like to use suse as my main operating system.

If you burn matroska files to a DVD using openSUSE
Can you seen them on the DVD now?