dvd::rip issue - I'm totally stumped

Ok, I’m stumped…
I’m archiving my TV-DVD’s for use with my new media server (powered by OpenSuSE, of course) and I’m having a problem with dvd::rip.
First some info:
Intel Core2 Duo E6750, 8GB DDR2 RAM, 2x 250GB SATA HDD, 16x SATA DVD-RW. OpenSuSE 11.1 x86_64
Program Version

dvd::rip 0.98.10
transcode 1.1.0
ImageMagick 6.4.3
ffmpeg not installed
xvid4conf 1.12
subtitle2pgm 0.3
lsdvd 0.16
rar 2.71
mplayer cvs
ogmtools 1.5
dvdxchap 1.5
mjpegtools 1.9.0
xine 0.99.6
fping not installed
hal 0.5.12
All of these are from Packman or OpenSuSE. The issue I am having involves step one of the ripping-transcoding chain: Ripping. More often than not, without warning or error message, dvd::rip will just stop ripping a DVD. This usually happens between 75-90%.
What I have done to troubleshoot:
At first I blamed it on the older DVD-RW in my system, so I replaced it. Then, I felt it may be the disc, so I got a new copy. Then I thought it could be an I/O error between the DVD-RW and HDD, so I copied the AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS folders to the HDD before “ripping”. It still did it. This is a recent issue, I have never had a problem with dvd::rip in the past. Also, I cannot find anybody with this same error.
My hypothesis:
I’m going crazy.
More realistic hypothesis:
With the newer version of dvd::rip, I may have missed a setting, or maybe there is a problem with some incompatibility. Unfortunately, the dvd::rip people have not been very much help.

Help me OpenSuSE community, you’re my only hope.

I would report the error to Packman: PackMan :: Informationen zum Paket dvdrip

Click the Packager link or copy the emails address/s from there.

For the time being use a different app. They are usually quick to respond.