dvd recognition problem

I don’t know if I have a software problem, configuration problem, or a hardware problem.
System running on Dell Vostro i7 x64

K3b Version: 2.0.2
KDE Version: 4.11.5
QT Version: 4.8.5
Kernel: 3.11.10-21-desktop x64

Used versions

cdrecord: 1.1.11

dvd/cd sata burner:
Vendor_info : 'PLDS ’
Identification : ‘DVD±RW DH-16ACS’

It has worked fine for over a year.
At this time I can burn a CD. gparted.iso worked well when I burned it this afternoon.

I burned a dvd of openSuse 13.1 install and it showed success but the dvd is unreadable. I tried that dvd in a computer running xp and it won’t load their either. I’ve tried several blank dvd’s from 2 different boxes. I’ve confirmed the md5 of the .iso and that .iso burns fine on a computer running xp.

After burning the dvd, the device notifier does not recognize that a dvd is inserted. It also will not recognize a new blank dvd (but will recognized it after a reboot). Once a blank is recognized, sometimes a dvd burn fails, sometimes it claims to be successful (but is unreadable)

Since the notifier will not recognize the dvd (cd is ok) I’m thinking hardware problem or maybe udev rules? I don’t know enuf about udev to check that out. udev was updated last month but I don’t know if the rules were updated. But that has been long enough that if there was a problem I guess it would have been mentioned by now.

Before I buy a new burner I’d like to know if there are some other specific things I can check.

thanks, Jon

Modern DVD drives are both very cheap and unreliable. Really consider that a new DVD drive cost 20-30 US dollars to buy So they are making them for, what under 10? It is a wonder they work at all. I have had new drives start to fail after a dozen burns


I did not want to get another drive if there was a possible software or config problem.
I picked up a replacement unit and it does the job. My dvd drive, hardly used at all, had failed.

Thanks so much for the suggestion.

That’s why they are cheap they fail a lot LOL Or is it they fail a lot because they are cheap. Note I have had name brand premium drives fail also. :’( Actually I have ad the best luck with a noname but that was just a random success.

If you don’t use them I think the accumulate dust and dirt. Oh well