DVD playback / autoplay

Hi there,

I have recently installed openSUSE 11.1. I have installed VLC together with the libdvdcss codecs. I am now able to play any video clip, no matter what format it is in. From avi, wma up to downloaded youtube videos.

My question is: How do I play DVD’s? When I open up VLC player and select it to play the disc, it gives an error that it cannot find the dvd under /dev/dvd. How do I go about to play a DVD? I have also installed mplayer with all its codecs and xine with its codecs, but I still cant play any DVD’s.

Any help on this would be much appreciated. I just want to watch a dvd.

Many thanks


If you have more than 1 dvd drive make sure you are selecting the correct drive, see screen shows sr0. If you have another drive it will likely be sr1

Also, recently. I had issue with DVD’s. I had never used it since new for dvd’s and it wouldn’t play. It turned out the region code was not set. I had even installed windows to try there and it didn’t work there either. So set the region and away we go, both winders and Linux worked.