DVD mount

Hi Everyone,

When insert a DVD it is mounted under /media and is recognized as a data disk. How can I mount is so that it will be recognized as a DVD disc? The default path for it as I understand shoud be uner /dev/dvd?

Any suggesions


Just to clarify: Are you wishing to auto-play a DVD disk when inserted? Which desktop environment are you using?

If I’m on the right track, have a read of these:

Audio CD’s KDE4 Device Notifier - PC Pitstop Forums

Howto: Auto-play DVD in Xine with KDE - Tutorials & Tips - KDE-Forum.org

There may be better answers to this depending on your exact requirements.

I am using openuse 11.1 kde 4.
Im familiar with YAST but not the kde control centre.


Forget the second link - that was for KDE 3. Check out the following video tutorials from the first link I gave (with written instructions as well):

Device Notifier


NB: I have not tried this, and it would not be my preference to do this, but looks relatively easy to implement.

Mounting DVD (a Video DVD that is) has nothing to do with playing it.

DVDs can be played without mounting them (same as Audio CDs), the only difference to Audio CD’s, DVD’s they have a “mountable” filesystem (UDF IIRC) and thus can also be mounted.

Playing a Video DVD is done via the dvd:// protocol applied to the device file directly (i.e. /dev/dvd), no matter if the DVD is mounted or not.

You seem to be a bit confused about mount points (like /media/<dir>) and device special files (like /dev/dvd).

May be this helps: SDB:Basics of partitions, filesystems, mount points - openSUSE

Ok, buth how do I play a dvd then? I have all the neccesary codecs installed?

This for me belongs to the “multimedia” subforum of this “Applications” forum.

I hope the multimedia gurus will see it nevertheless.