DVD install stops dvd player from working

i tried following the DVD install steps. i select installation from the splash and the loading bar comes up. it gets half way through when it tells me to insert CD 1. and i can hear my dvd spinning like crazy. at this point i cant even get my dvd player to open. i have to shut the computer completely off then back on to get it to open again.

anyone know how to make this work?

Boot from the DVD again and from the menu select Media Check
Let it run, it takes a while.
Tell us what it reports.

did you follow the steps in http://tinyurl.com/6jwtg9 to make SURE
your install disk is 100% correct??

i ask because the symptom of “spinning like crazy” you describe could
be caused by trouble reading the disk…either trouble with the DVD
disk itself or the DVD player (hardware or software controller) itself…

and, the could not open symptom (imo) points to a software problem in
the DVD itself…

there are many stories about a disk which works perfectly on one DVD
player, but not on the next player…

some folks say you need to read the disk using the same device which
was used to burn the disk…but, then others say even that won’t help
since the burner/writer might work perfect, but the ‘reader’ is a
little misaligned…

google the problem and you will find lots of varying opinions on what
to try…(i say: first try to make SURE you have a good disk, as it
says in the URL i gave)