DVD install sets wrong time if system clock is NOT set to UTC?

Just a Heads-Up:fired up my first test install of Leap 15.2 in a dual boot laptop with Win*, so System clock is expected to be set to local time.
I checked the CET time zone, system clock to UTC NOT checked, network was configured so the installer checked with ntp3.opensuse.org (or something like that, too quick to write down…) and on first reboot I find myself…
in what is apparently the US Eastern time zone, 6 hours earlier than local time.

Minor quirk to be sure, but if other dual-booters (out of the US EST zone) confirm, maybe we have found a glitch in the installer.

EDIT: maybe I wrote too soon.
After reboot the network was not active (router passphrase was not copied from recovered users); as soon as I reconnected to the network again the system clock was reset to the correct local time.
So the time zone was set correctly but the network should be on AFTER reboot for an additional check to the ntp server…

This might be Bug 971854

It’s an old bug. And it never gets fixed. The people who investigate the bug do not see it (maybe they don’t have Windows installed).

Time is configured correctly for the installed system. But the hardware clock is set to local time using US Eastern Standard Time (New York time).

Thanks Neil, indeed it seems this old bug is still alive. Paying more attention on the next few installs …