DVD From Multiple Avi Files??

Hello opensuse multimedia geeks! What I wish to do:
a. Have multiple avi files ~400mb each. Total files ~96-100 avi files.
b. Want to convert these to play on a Sony CD/DVD Player NS55P
c. Files may originate in Canada, but must be viewable on US TV format (ntsc?)
d. Solution should allow either to add more than 1 avi file to disk or allow combine files then process as single file
so as to fill out the blank dvd (4.7gb, single-sided) and not waste space/$$
e. TV for viewing is low-cost Coby 23" with 1080p resolution, etc.

Note: Will use suggested gui or command line; only hope not to take hours and hours for conversion process (maybe??!!)
Not sure which package(s) best for my situation. Any suggestions or advice greatly appreciated. Thanks!!

You might want to try Devede it’s in the Packman repos.

viewable on US TV format (ntsc?)

are you planning on using VHS tape

avi,wmv and mpeg should play on a sony dvd player

i would just use mp4 x264 and make .vob DVD’s with menus

Devede, as Sagemta suggested, has worked well for me, simple and easy to use. You may add as many files as you wish into the menu structure of the DVD project, limited only by the capacity of the disc. Save the project as an image (iso, bin/cue) and burn it with K3b.

Thanks for all suggestions. Delay caused by slightly sick for nearly a week. Ugggh!
Devede seems ok, but takes 2 hours. No, not trying to make VHS, simply view on TV from dvd player. Still reading about the format of vob files, dvd structure, etc. Still confused too!! Lastly, it seems to me that if I use devede to compile to iso, then burn with k3b (which I use) I’ll only have an iso file; iso files and avi files are not readable/viewable by my dvd player. Just my .02 cents: if these file formats/api and etc. were more open, seems sales would go up, not down. I for one would certainly buy more of the stuff because it would be easier to use in various formats, hardware and scenarios. Oh well…work in progress. Thanks again all! Take Care!
—Have A Healthy, Prosperous Day!

That’s because Devede has to convert your avi files to something compliant with the DVD spec. There’s no way round the conversion no matter what software you use to make the DVD if the original files are not mpeg2.

A lot of DVD players from the past five years or so will play data discs but are usually limited in what codecs they support.
A quick look at the specs of your player show it to be a rather basic player with no support outside of the DVD spec so there will be no way round conversion and authoring of the disc.


I converted/edited at least more than a thousand small video clips not too long ago.
I tested some applications like devede and others out there and really a bit slow.
On top of that sometimes it doesn’t convert 100% if my short clips that I want to convert into one are

The one that worked for me was kino for convertion then I use bombono dvd to record.

Just to clear that up:
Of course your DVD player can’t play iso files.

An iso file is an exact image of a CD/DVD.
If you burn that, you don’t get an iso file on a DVD, but a DVD that looks exactly as described by that iso file.
If that cannot be played, then the iso file was created incorrectly. It’s Devede’s job to create a standard Video DVD and that is what takes so long.

And you have to select “Burn ISO image to disk” or similar to create that DVD out of the iso file.
Don’t create a data DVD and add the iso file. That won’t work!

And regarding creating VideoDVDs:
You could also try qdvdauthor or kdenlive (which in turn just uses qdvdauthor) available on Packman as well.
But I doubt they would be faster, since in the end they all just call ffmpeg to convert the videos I guess.